Who Am I?

(This page and app is currently running under a closed beta. If you’re interested in this project, contact me)


Who am I” Facebook application is aimed at helping you explore who you are through various scholarly published psychological tools of questionnaires and implicit tests.


The project

Using this application will have the opportunity to explore your conscious and unconscious preferences and perceptions regarding a wide variety of topics. At the same time, you will be assisting psychological research on thoughts and feelings.


As a Facebook App we’re required to use secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS), that banks and other commercial websites use to transfer credit card information in an encrypted format. This provides a pretty strong security for data transfer between your end and the application.

We assure you of our best efforts to maintain your confidentiality. Yet, be aware that by authorizing the app to access your FB account, you will be giving us permissions to access some of your personal Facebook data. This data will only used for research purposes in aggregates. Some of this data will enable us to track participation at the website over time.

If you have any concerns regarding our policy please contact me.


Currently Running

“Who am I” currently includes the following :

  • Implicit Moral Identity – We employ an Implicit Association Test for testing your “Moral Identity” introduced by Aquino & Reed (2002, JPSP, “The Self-Importance of Moral Identity”, study 2, link1, link2).


(some of the content here has been adopted and adjusted from similar projects like Project Implicit)