I try and promote open-science wherever possible giving workshops on various open-science related topics.

If you’re interested in me visiting your university to give a workshop, do get in touch.


My materials for the workshops are open, and based on the work of many talented others. Feel free to use and expand on those. If you do, please do share what you’ve done back with me and the community.

Workshops offered (click on the links below for all materials):


Workshops given so far:

  • Meta-analyses
    • Short 1-day workshop
      • Maastricht University (2017)
      • University of Hong Kong (2017 and 2018)
      • Hong Kong Education University (2019)
      • National Autonomous University of Mexico (2019)
    • Longer 3-days workshop
      • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2017)
      • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) (2019)
  • Pre-registration and registered reports
    • University of Hong Kong (2019)
  • R/RStudio/RMarkdown and/or JAMOVI/JASP
    • Maastricht University (2017)
    • University of Hong Kong (2018)