Quick Qualtrics Tricks #4 : Participant comparison feedback report & email

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Qualtrics I previously wrote about displaying back results to the participant after answering a scale using the Qualtrics scoring feature and Embedded Data (can be combined with math operations). I was wondering if I can take that a step further, and give the participants not only their own results but also give them the option of comparing their results to that of other participants. There are lots of platforms out there intended for data collection that do similar things after registration, such as yourmorals.org, and it would be useful to have an option of pulling this off with Qualtrics and not much web development.

To do that, you need to combine the above method with the Qualtrics report options and if you want this mailed to the participants – email triggers.

So, the steps would be:

  1. Setup your scale questionnaire.
  2. Add scoring within qualtrics you can using the scoring feature.
  3. Use math operations and embedded data to calculate the scale results and add this as a score in the database.
  4. Use the Qualtrics reporting tool to create a report showing the over all scores thus far. Goto ‘View results -> view reports’ or customize the report in the ‘reporting’ tab.
  5. Then publish the report to the web as public. You will be provided with a link that can then be sent to the participant using the  email triggers inviting them to compare their results to that of others.


You can also embed this with a user registration system so that you would be able to connect userids across surveys taken. There are open source platforms like Drupal or WordPress, which you can use for user registration and then pass the username as a variable to Qualtrics (see  Passing variables to Qualtrics).

Here is an example PHP code for WordPress on how to obtain and pass userid (source):

  global $user_login;
    echo "<a href='http://www.domain.com/login.php?user_id=".$user_login."'>BLAH</a>";

Seems like a very straightforward idea to implement, resulting in a very powerful tool for data collection and participant education.

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