Gilad Fili FeldmanPhD candidate with the management department at the Hong Kong of Science and Technology business school. My work is on the bridge of social/cognitive psychology, organizational behavior and experimental philosophy.


Research interests

My research is mainly focused on the following topics :

  • The belief in free will. Folk psychology and laybeliefs more broadly.
  • Personal values
  • Unethical behavior and morality


Journal submissions

  • Feldman Gilad, Farh, J. Larry, Chao Melody, Bardi Anat. Personal values and unethicality [real title masked for review] . Second round review in  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (IF2012: 4.877)
  • Parks Laura, Feldman Gilad, Bardi Anat. Personality and values: A meta-analysis. Second round review in Personality and Social Psychology Review (IF2012: 8.195)
  • Feldman Gilad, Wong K. F. Ellick., Baumeister F Roy. Context valence and free will attributions [real title masked for review]. Received invitation to revise and resubmit in  Cognition (IF2012: 3.523)
  • Feldman Gilad, Baumeister F Roy. Choice and free will [real title masked for review]. Received invitation to revise and resubmit in  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (IF­2012: 2.219)
  • Feldman Gilad, Vohs D. Kathleen, Baumeister F Roy. Money and free will [real title masked for review]. Under review at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes IF2012: 2.816)
  • Feldman Gilad, Wong K. F. Ellick. Free will and performance [real title masked for review]. Under review at Journal of Applied Psychology (IF­2012: 4.758)

Research projects pending submission

  • Feldman Gilad, Johar Gita, Sengupta Jaideep, Mukhopadhyay Anirban, Chao Melody, Melumad Shiri.  The freedom to pursue cheating: How lay-beliefs interact with personal goals to predict unethical behavior.



Following is the presentation from the thesis proposal defense :

Academic Community Engagement

  • blog includes some of my thoughts and experiences regarding research, methods, teaching, and academia in general.
  • A WIKI is a platform where I share my research and teaching materials.
  • The mgto_org Twitter account that includes some of the research I find interesting.


Contact me

If you have any questions or suggestions, or you’re interested in my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me.