Meta-analysis Registered Reports

In the last few years I’ve been aiming to try and quantitatively summarize the literatures of the domains I care about, by conducting pre-registered meta-analysis systematic reviews.

Through this process it became clear that we need better tools and templates to promote open reproducible meta-analyses, and that it is important to try and conduct those through Registered Reports.

I am currently involved in several initiatives and lead several others all aimed to improve best practices in meta-analyses.


I recently presented my journey on that in a workshop on conducting open and reproducible meta analyses:


Practical open-science meta-analysis workshop: Conducting open and reproducible meta-analyses
Watch this video on YouTube.


We’ve developed the following resources to support doing meta analyses as Registered Reports:

See this list (column 6 – “offered for meta-analysis) for the journals willing to accept meta-analysis registered reports.


Other related initiatives on pre-registered, open, and reproducible systematic reviews and meta-analyses:

  1. Collaborative Meta analysis syllabus (also see my meta-analysis workshop materials)
  2. Non-Interventional, Reproducible, and Open Evidence Synthesis (NIROES): Preprint / OSF project page
  3. Inclusive Systematic Review Registration Form: Preprint / OSF project page / Google Doc (adding meta pre-reg to OSF)


Our meta-analysis Registered Report publications:

  1. Lim, V., & Feldman, G. (2022). Values and the dark side: Meta-analysis of links between Dark Triad traits and personal values. Journal of Research in Personality. [Registered Report Stage 1 in-principle acceptance]
  2. Nanakdewa, K., et al., Savani, K., & Feldman, G. (2022). Outcomes associated with believing in free will: Meta-analysis. Journal of Research in Personality. [Registered Report Stage 1 in-principle acceptance]


Our pre-registered meta-analysis publications:

  1. Fillon, A., Kutscher, L., & Feldman, G. (2020). Impact of past behavior normality on regret: Meta-analysis of exceptionality effect. Cognition and Emotion. DOI: 10.1080/02699931.2020.1816910


Ongoing meta-analysis projects:

  1. Bialek, M., Gao, Y., Yao, D., & Feldman, G. Owning leads to valuing: Meta-analysis of the Mere Ownership Effect. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.13568.33287/1
  2. Omission-commission asymmetries in moral judgements and decisions: Meta-analysis of Omission-Bias.
  3. Action-inaction asymmetries in judgment and emotions: Meta-Analysis Registered Report of the Action Effect. [Google Doc manuscript, work in progress]


Our old school meta-analysis publications (before I became aware of open-science):

  1. Parks-Leduc, L., Feldman, G., & Bardi, A. (2015). Personality traits and personal values: A meta-analysisPersonality and Social Psychology Review19(1), 3-29.