Managing Citations : Google Scholar & Refworks

Managing citations and creating bibliographies used to be alot of work. Tools like Endnote made things slightly easier, but it was still a bit of a hassle to export all the citations, download those and manage them. But, in recent years the combination of two tools made my life a whole lot easier – Google [...] [...]

Organizing & Sharing Research : Setup a Wiki

Ever since I began doing research in social psychology there were two very important issues I had to tackle – both answered with one simple solution – my own research Wiki.   The first critical issue was organization. It became apparent very early that I need a way to keep track of what I was [...] [...]

Management Literature Readings : Theoretical Contribution

Last semester a professor in our department asked me whether I have some recommended readings for his PhD class on what constitutes a theoretical contribution in the field of management. Looking over the classes I took and papers I put aside over the years I was able to draft the following list.   There are [...] [...]

Basic PhD Tips : Orientation

At the beginning of the current semester I was asked to welcome our new PhD arrivals with a basic orientation to our department’s program. Since those PhDs have been briefed by our faculty and received lots of information about the program, so I thought it would be better to give them a few pointers on [...] [...]

Designing Academic Conference Posters

If you’re a PhD student, most chances are that at some point you’re going to go to a conference and present a conference poster. Most times this will present work in progress, something that you’re currently thinking of or have collected initial data for, but even if you have already written the paper putting it [...] [...]