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Media mentions of my published research:


When action-inaction framing leads to higher escalation of commitment: A new inaction-effect perspective on the sunk-cost fallacy
(published at Psychological Science). Featured in:

  1. APS – Why Bad News Compels Us to Take Action [copy]


Agency beliefs over time and across cultures: Free will beliefs predict higher work satisfaction
(published at PSPB). Featured in:

  1. QZ – To be more satisfied at work, start believing in your free will [copy]
  2. Thrive Global – The Empowering Link Between Free Will and Work Satisfaction


Norm theory and the action-effect: The role of social norms in regret following action and inaction
(published at JESP). Featured in:

  1. Psychology Today – When Do You Regret Actions and Inactions? [copy]


Frankly, we do give a damn: The relationship between profanity and honesty
(published at SPPS). Featured in:

  1. TV / Videos
    1. BBC – Are there hidden benefits to swearing?
    2. – People who swear are more honest, according to this *#!@ study
    3. 10News Tampa Bay – How honest are you at speaking your mind?
    4. Global TV – Does a potty mouth make you more honest
    5. WGN TV – Morning News anchor have fun with ‘swear button’ on air
    6. One News Page – Why Swearing More May Make You More Honest 
    7. Sourcefed – Honest People Use More Profanity
    8. Newsfix – People who use swear words tend to be more honest, study says
    9. CBS 58 News at 4 – cursing and honesty
    10. ABC – Bridge Street: Swearing and Honesty
    11. Rated Red – Love to Cuss?
    12. CBS Minnesota – Panel Discussion: More Swearing = More Honesty?
    13. RT America – What the f*ck?: Scientists find link between profanity and honesty
    14. The Blaze – Study reveals that people who swear are more honest
    15. DNew – Why You Should Be Friends With People Who Curse
    16. Newsbeat – Are Dirty Mouths More Honest?
    17. Fox5NY – New Jersey curses a lot
    18. WFXB Study finds people who use profanity are more honest
    19. Thinktank – Swear Alot? It Might Mean You’re THIS!
    20. Just kidding news – People Who Swear Are More Honest! ft. David So
  2. Radio / Podcasts
    1. NPR – Shut The Front Door!
    2. NPR – What The Hell’s Behind All This Cursing?
    3. 680 News – Swearing and honesty
    4. Star 1013 – If You Swear A LOT You’re More Honest
    5. Xtreme 107.1 – I Swear I’m Honest
    6. The Charlie Tonic hour – Episode #264 – Naughty Words (podcast; Segment 2 00:14:16 Naught Words and Trust Issues)
    7. 770AM – Are you someone who swears?
    8. Diginauts 0015 – Swearing & Honesty (32:39)
    9. CKNW radio – What your swearing says about you
  3. News / opinion
    1. APS – Swearing Correlated with Honesty [copy]
    2. Mashable – People who swear more may be more honest [copy]
    3. Quartz – A new study linking profanity to honesty shows people who curse are more authentic [copy]
    4. Cambridge press – Frankly, do we give a damn…? Study finds links between swearing and honesty
    5. The Huffington Post – Why You May Be More Honest If You Swear Often [copy]
    6. The Guardian – How truthful and honest are you, honestly? Quiz
    7. Big think – Do We Find People Who Swear More Honest? Yes, Says New Study [copy]
    8. Medical Daily – A ‘Dirty Mouth’ May Be A Sign Of Integrity; Study Associates Swearing With Increased Honesty [copy]
    9. Independent Indy100 – If you swear a lot it may tell you how honest you are [copy]
    10. Daily Mail #1 – Why NOT to mind your language: People who swear more often are more honest than those who don’t [copy]
    11. Daily Mail #2 – How often does YOUR state swear? Researchers find New Jersey and Connecticut use the most profanity – but are also the most honest [copy]
    12. Newsweek – Swearing associated with honesty? Damn right, study says
    13. Money talk news – Study: People Who Curse Are More Honest [copy]
    14. Global news – People who swear are reportedly more honest than those who don’t, study [copy]
    15. The debrief – Study finds the more you swear, the more honest you are [copy]
    16. GQ – Studies Say: The More You Swear, The More Honest You Are
    17. The New York Post – The upside to cursing a lot [copy]
    18. The New York Times – The case for profanity
    19. Inc – A Filthy Mouth Is a Sign of Honesty, New Science Shows
    20. Inc – Do You Swear a Lot? That May Just Mean You’re Honest
    21. Inc – New Study Shows People Who Do This Are More Honest Than People Who Don’t
    22. From the Grapevine – Do you swear like a sailor? You’re probably more honest than most
    23. The Telegraph – Foul-mouthed people are also the most honest, study finds [copy]
    24. Vice – People Who Swear Are More Likely to Be Honest: Study [copy]
    25. Good Housekeeping – If You Swear a Lot, You’re More Honest — Science Says So Damn straight! [copy] / Cosmopolitan
    26. Prima UK – People who swear more have this one positive trait in common [copy]
    27. Bustle – People Who Swear A Lot Have In Common Reveals A Lot About Your Social Integrity [copy]
    28. ElleUK – If You Swear Like A Sailor, You’re Probably More Honest [copy]
    29. Uproxx – Science Continues Proving That People Who Swear Are The !@#$ing Best [copy]
    30. Hellogiggles – If you swear a lot, science says it might actually be the sign of another good quality
    31. The Independent UK – People who swear more are more honest, new psychology study finds [copy]
    32. HealthZette – Swear Much? Don’t Swear It Off Just Yet [copy]
    33. PopBuzz – According To A New Study, People Who Love Swearing Also Have This Great Quality
    34. DailyHive – New study finds people who swear are more honest [copy]
    35. MentalFloss – No Sh*t: People Who Swear More May Also Be More Honest, Study Says [copy]
    36. Oddnaari – Do you swear often? That just means you’re honest [copy]
    37. Shemazing – Need a filter on your mouth?! As it turns out cursing isn’t ALL that bad [copy]
    38. The Tab – People who swear more tell fewer lies, according to a new study [copy]
    39. Pretty52 – People Who Swear All The Time Are More Honest According To This Study
    40. Vix – Research Finds That People Who Curse More Tend To Be The Most Honest
    41. Betches – Research Proves People Who Curse Are More Honest
    42. The Blemish – Science Says My Foul Mouth Means I’m Honest
    43. Steemit – New Study Finds Swearing Associated With Honesty
    44. BT – The more you swear, the more honest you are, study claims [copy]
    45. Glamour – Hell Yes! Science Has Found a Good Reason to Swear More [copy]
    46. Foxnews / Newser – Curse like a sailor? It could just mean you’re honest [copy]
    47. ZME Science – People who swear a lot are more f***ing honest [copy]
    48. The Cable Lifestyle – Honest people more likely to use swear words, says research [copy]
    49. Wonkette – Open Thread: Study Suggests Link Between Swearing And Honesty.
    50. Task&Purpose – Finally, Scientific Proof That People Who Swear More Are Just More F***ing Honest
    51. Unilad – People Who Swear More Are More Honest, Thank F*ck
    52. Maxim – People who swear are more f*cking honest, a new study finds [copy]
    53. Inverse – Study on State-by-State Swearing [copy]
    54. Kinkster Mag – Good things come from your potty mouth [copy]
    55. IFLScience – The Most Swear-Prone US States Are Also The Most Trustworthy
    56. Scoopwhoop – Know Someone Who Swears A Lot? Science Says They Might Be A Really Honest Person
    57. HMAPR – I Swear You’ll Want to Read This
    58. Science of Us – The More You Swear, the More Honest You Are 
    59. Asianet – Science says people who swear a lot are honest
    60. Elite Daily – People Who Curse A Lot Are Actually Just More Honest, Psychologists Say [copy]
    61. Esquire – People Who Swear Are More Honest
    62. MyDomaine – People Who Swear Often Are More Authentic, According to Science
    63. Cosmopolitan – There’s a strong link between how much you swear and how honest you are [copy]
    64. Chicago Tribune – Why swearing at work is just fine
    65. International Business Times – Do You Curse Often? It Might Mean You Are More Honest, Researchers Say
    66. Bolde – New Study Says The More You Curse, The More Authentic You Are
    67. Fox31Denver – People who swear a lot are more likely to be honest, study finds
    68. Good magazine – Research Shows That People Who USe Profanity Are More Honest Than Those Who Don’t
    69. Alphr – Swearing on Facebook? It’s a testament to your character
    70. Pacific Standard – Profanity Users Tend to Be More Honest
    71. Joe – Study finds that people who curse are far more f**king honest than others
    72. The Sun – ‘I SWEAR IT’S TRUE’ People who frequently swear are ‘likely to be more honest’ as they ‘may lack filter’
    73. Newshub – Study finds people who swear are more honest
    74. Realclear Life – If You Curse a Lot, It Probably Means You’re More Honest
    75. The Awl  – Swearing Means You’re More Likely To Be Honest
    76. The Mirror – People who swear a lot are more likely to be honest, study finds
    77. Konbini – People Who Swear Are Usually More Honest, Apparently
    78. Bustle – The Scientific Benefits Of Swearing
    79. Verge – People who swear tend to be more honest 
    80. Chattr – Study links swearing to honesty
    81. WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for January 23
    82. Sputnik International – Profane People More Likely to Tell the Truth
    83. How stuff works – Honesty and Profanity Are Surprising Bedfellows
    84. – N.J. curses more than any state
    85. Philly Voice – People from New Jersey have second-dirtiest mouths in United States
    86. Citizen Oracle – Uttering Profanities May Reflect An Honest Person, Researchers Uncover in New Study
    87. Thrillist – If you swear a lot, you’re probably pretty honest
    88. The Ticker – Study Finds Links Between Profanity And Honesty
    89. Life hack – People Who Swear May Make Better Friends, Science Says
    90. Birminham Mail – Why people who swear a lot are more honest
    91. Boing Boing – Swearing associated with honesty, say scientists
  4. Forums / discussions
    1. Slashdot – Study Finds Link Between Profanity and Honesty
    2. Hackernews –  Study Finds Link Between Profanity and Honesty 
    3. Reddit – Study finds links between swearing and honesty: Psychologists have learned that people who frequently curse are being more honest.
  5. International
    1. Unotre – Uno studio dice che chi smadonna è più onesto di chi non lo fa
    3. LavanGuardia – Las personas que dicen palabrotas son más honestas
    4. Spiegel – Der Ehrliche flucht am meisten
    5. Refinery29 – Vulgäre Menschen sind die besseren Freunde
    6. Xman – Nadávky našly zastání. Lidé, kteří klejí, jsou podle vědců upřímnější
    7. Eslang – Di palabrotas, copón: Eso significa que eres más honesto
    8. Un Estudio Concluye Que Cuanto Más Te Cagas En Dios, Más Honesto Eres
    9. Gigazine – 「汚い言葉を使う人ほど正直者」であることが研究で判明
    10. Euroman – Du kan roligt stole på folk der bander meget
    11. Indiatimes – Surprise, surprise! People who swear often are more honest than others
    12. Globo – Pessoas que falam palavrão são mais honestas, mostra estudo
    13. CUP HongKong – 講粗口者,做人較真,坦白誠實
    14. Gizmodo Japan – トランプも? 口の悪い人のほうが正直という研究結果
    15. Decir malas palabras y maldecir tienen su lado positivo


Bad is freer than good: Positive–negative asymmetry in attributions of free will
(published at Consciousness and Cognition). Featured in:

  1. Psychology Today – 4 Keys to Understanding Our Weird, Inconsistent Morality [copy]


The freedom to excel: Belief in free will predicts better academic performance
(published at PAID). Featured in:

  1. BPS digest – Students who believe they have more “free will” do better academically [copy]
  2. Reddit Science  [copy]
  3. UK Independent – A belief in free will found to be the key to exam and academic success for students, claims new study  [copy]
  4. Quartz – The important psychological benefit of believing in free will [copy] (starts from “The second reason to hold on to the prospect of free will”)
  5. Psychology Today – The will to achieve [copy]
  6. Inc – Empowerment through Free Will: Building a Team with the Freedom to Shine [copy]


Personality traits and personal values: A meta-analysis
(published at PSPR). Featured in:

  1. Psychology Today – Do Personality Traits and Values Form a Coherent Whole? [copy]
  2. Aeon – Liberal academics are ‘open’ but are they truly tolerant? [copy]


Free will is about choosing: The link between choice and the belief in free will
(published at JESP). Featured in: