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Media mentions of my published research and working papers:


Alicke (1985): Pre-registered replication and extension“. Featured in:

  1. Psychology today – “The Better-Than-Average Effect from 1985 to Today


Agency and self-other asymmetries in perceived bias and shortcomings: Replications of the Bias Blind Spot and extensions linking to free will beliefs
(preprint). Featured in:

  1. BPS research digest – “Good News For Science, Bad News For Humanity – The “Bias Blind Spot” Just Replicated (“Everyone Else Is More Biased Than Me”)”
  2. Dennik – Opísali chybu slepej škvrny – ľudia si chybne myslia, že sa mýlia menej ako iní


When action-inaction framing leads to higher escalation of commitment: A new inaction-effect perspective on the sunk-cost fallacy
(published at Psychological Science). Featured in:

  1. APS – Why Bad News Compels Us to Take Action [copy]


Agency beliefs over time and across cultures: Free will beliefs predict higher work satisfaction
(published at PSPB). Featured in:

  1. QZ – To be more satisfied at work, start believing in your free will [copy]
  2. Thrive Global – The Empowering Link Between Free Will and Work Satisfaction


Norm theory and the action-effect: The role of social norms in regret following action and inaction
(published at JESP). Featured in:

  1. Psychology Today – When Do You Regret Actions and Inactions? [copy]


Frankly, we do give a damn: The relationship between profanity and honesty
(published at SPPS). Featured in (note: just a small sample, this went viral with some misguided reporting, see FAQ):

  1. APS – Swearing Correlated with Honesty [copy]
  2. Mashable – People who swear more may be more honest [copy]
  3. Quartz – A new study linking profanity to honesty shows people who curse are more authentic [copy]
  4. Medical Daily – A ‘Dirty Mouth’ May Be A Sign Of Integrity; Study Associates Swearing With Increased Honesty [copy]
  5. Newsweek – Swearing associated with honesty? Damn right, study says
  6. Boing Boing – Swearing associated with honesty, say scientists


Bad is freer than good: Positive–negative asymmetry in attributions of free will
(published at Consciousness and Cognition). Featured in:

  1. Psychology Today – 4 Keys to Understanding Our Weird, Inconsistent Morality [copy]


The freedom to excel: Belief in free will predicts better academic performance
(published at PAID). Featured in:

  1. BPS digest – Students who believe they have more “free will” do better academically [copy]
  2. Reddit Science  [copy]
  3. UK Independent – A belief in free will found to be the key to exam and academic success for students, claims new study  [copy]
  4. Quartz – The important psychological benefit of believing in free will [copy] (starts from “The second reason to hold on to the prospect of free will”)
  5. Psychology Today – The will to achieve [copy]
  6. Inc – Empowerment through Free Will: Building a Team with the Freedom to Shine [copy]
  7. Medium (blog) – The Perils of Fatalism 


Personality traits and personal values: A meta-analysis
(published at PSPR). Featured in:

  1. Psychology Today – Do Personality Traits and Values Form a Coherent Whole? [copy]
  2. Aeon – Liberal academics are ‘open’ but are they truly tolerant? [copy]


Free will is about choosing: The link between choice and the belief in free will
(published at JESP). Featured in: