Some things happen of necessity, others by chance, others through our own agency.
For he sees that necessity destroys responsibility and that chance is inconstant;
whereas our own actions are autonomous, and it is to them that praise and blame naturally attach

 —  Epicurus allegedly discovers the free will problem and links free will to accountability (Letter to Menoeceus, ~3rd century BC)


My work is in the areas of social-personality-organizational psychology and behavioral decision making, with a touch of experimental philosophy.

My research mainly focuses on the following topics :

  • Biases and heuristics regarding agency and action.
  • Unethical behavior and morality.
  • The belief in free will. Folk psychology and lay-beliefs more broadly.
  • Personal values (long-term desirable motivational goals).

Put simply, I’m interested in why people believe what they believe, value what they value, and make decisions and choices in the way that they do.