Cheating on Amazon Mechanical Turk

I frequently use Amazon Mechanical Turk for research. One of the common questions I’ve been asked about the use of MTurk is with regards to the quality of data. Some have voiced concern that the data provided by MTurk workers is noisy since the MTurk workers tend to act unethically if given the right incentive, and because they’re […] […]

Inclass Experiments #3 : Biases & Irrationality

To start off a class about social psychology or management I believe the best way is to dive right in and demonstrate to the students just how fragile our mind is with some very basic optical illusions and irrationality biases. It’s remarkable how easy these things are to demonstrate in class and the effect on […] […]

Risky Decision Making : Risk Perceptions & Propensity

The following post is a review/critique of : Sitkin, S. B., & Weingart, L. R. (1995). Determinants of risky decision-making behavior: A test of the mediating role of risk perceptions and propensity. Academy of Management Journal, 38 (6), 1573-1592. This article aims to contribute to the extensive research on human risk taking behaviors by suggesting […] […]