In-class Experiments #6 : Hindsight, False Consensus & Confirmation Biases

To continue the in-class experiments series, I ran three more inclass experiments in the recent summer course I gave – Hindsight Bias, False Consensus Bias & Confirmation Bias. The three are relatively straightforward and can be combined into a single handout.   Hindsight Bias The “I knew it all along” effect, where people being confronted […] […]

Inclass Experiments #2 : In-group Out-group Bias

Inclass experiments are a great way to get students to learn about social psychology and management. Continuing my post series about social psychology inclass experiments, this next social psychology experiments is aimed at demonstrating the strong effects on the formation of cognition and affect regarding in-group  versus out-group, even when the separation seems to be […] […]

Our bias for perfection : When imperfections are good

In the ongoing quest for better performance and outcomes the prevalent management literature seems to argue for perfection. Accuracy, efficiency, reliability, rationality and various other "perfection measures" have led us to an inherent bias against imperfections. Who wants slow changing organizations? Who’d prefer emotionally unstable employees? But – is this bias justified? Are those perfection […] […]