Inclass Experiments #3 : Biases & Irrationality

To start off a class about social psychology or management I believe the best way is to dive right in and demonstrate to the students just how fragile our mind is with some very basic optical illusions and irrationality biases. It’s remarkable how easy these things are to demonstrate in class and the effect on […] […]

Emotions & Escalation of Commitment – A Coping Perspective on Negative Affect

The following post is a review/critique of : Wong, K. F. E., Yik, M., & Kwong, J. Y. Y. (2006). Understanding the emotional aspects of escalation of commitment: The role of negative affect. Journal of Applied Psychology, 91, 282-297. The article contributes to escalation of commitment research by investigating the integration of an emotional perspective, […] […]

Our bias for perfection : When imperfections are good

In the ongoing quest for better performance and outcomes the prevalent management literature seems to argue for perfection. Accuracy, efficiency, reliability, rationality and various other "perfection measures" have led us to an inherent bias against imperfections. Who wants slow changing organizations? Who’d prefer emotionally unstable employees? But – is this bias justified? Are those perfection […] […]