Running Experiments with Amazon Mechanical Turk

I’ll start by saying that I think Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) and online markets offer no less than a revolution in experimental psychology. By now, I’ve already ran over a hundred successful experiments on MTurk and have come to consider it as one of the most important tools available to me as an experimental social psychologist. […] […]

Quick Qualtrics Tricks #1

To collect survey data and run survey based manipulations I use Qualtrics. Even if all you need is run a survey, I would still generally recommend to administer that to your participants in a computer lab using a computerized survey. In the time that I’ve been using Qualitrics I’ve learned a few neat tips and […] […]

Questionnaires & Experiments with Coupon-Paid Participants

Lots of missing data and failed manipulations are just some of the issues you may encounter while running questionnaires or experiments with coupon based or paid participants, especially students, especially undergrad students. They lack motivation & they want to finish the pain as soon as possible, so getting them to actually read the questions and […] […]