Teaching Managerial Ethics : Content and In-class Exercises

Teaching ethics is tricky. It’s a highly complex topic and I’ve always debated with myself how to best approach this topic with under-grad students, especially when ethics isn’t a main topic in the course and there’s very limited time. Two of my research projects actually involve looking at unethical behavior and morality as the result […] […]

Quick Qualtrics Tricks #3 : Scale results calculation

There are time when you’re running a Quatrics survey and would like to calculate the results during survey run on the fly and present this back to the user. Even if it’s not as straight forward there is an advanced way to do this with Qualtrics.   The most basic way to do this it […] […]

Implicit Measurements of Personal Values

In the 90s the personal values research domain led by Rokeach (1968, 1970) has gained a significant momentum with Schwartz’s work identifying ten cross-cultural value categories falling into two dimensions on a circumplex : self-enhancement vs. self-transcendence and conservation vs. openness to change. Most of the research in this domain followed value measurement using the […] […]