Teaching / Courses

In the spirit of sharing and open-science I aim to share as much as possible from the courses I teach.

I am happy for feedback on any of those, and feel free to get in touch if something is missing or you require any other information.


Course syllabus for ongoing courses:

  1. HKU PSYC2071 – Autumn 2018-9 – Judgment and decision making – Gilad Feldman
  2. HKU PSYC3052 – Autumn 2018-9 – Advanced social psychology – Gilad Feldman


Across the two courses I teach we conduct pre-registered replications. You’re welcome to read, use, and/or contribute to our pre-registered replication projects guide.


Course materials for concluded courses:

  1. HKU PSYC2020 – Spring 2017-8 – Fundamentals of social psychology – Gilad Feldman: Social psychology and judgment decision-making with lots of funky in-class experiments. (Cite as DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/E4PXZ)
    1. A list of all PSYC2020 in-class experiments conducted.
  2. HKU PSYC3052D – Spring 2017-8 – Advanced social psychology – Gilad Feldman: Discussing the science crisis and challenging students to reflect on the crisis and implications. (Cite as DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/BFETX)
  3. HKUST MGMT2110 – 2012/2013 – Introduction to management: in-class experiments (see also blog post summaries). (Cite as DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/WX648)