Working papers

I have several ongoing projects under review that I would welcome your feedback on the preprints (contact me here).


  1. Feldman, G. What is normal? Contrasting normality categories in the action-effect
  2. Feldman, G. The regret-action effect: Action-inaction attribution bias in interpreting expressions of regret.
  3. Kutscher, L. & Feldman, G. The impact of past behavior normality on regret: A pre-registered replication and extension of three experiments of the exceptionality effect.
  4. *Feldman, G., *Yay, T. (*equal contribution). Action-inaction asymmetries in moral scenarios: Replication of the omission bias examining morality and blame with extensions linking to causality, intent, and regret 
  5. Feldman, G., Kutscher, L., Yay, T. What is action, what is inaction? A review of action-inaction biases and recommendations for term use and typology.
  6. Supervised thesis by Lucas Kutscher, in preparation for submission: The impact of past behavior normality on regret: A meta-analysis
  7. Supervised thesis by Yay Tijen, in preparation for submission: Omission bias: A meta-analysis
  8. Supervised thesis by Yajing Gao, in preparation for submission: Mere ownership effect: a pre-registered replication and extension + a meta-analysis
  9. Feldman, G. Personal values and moral foundations: Towards an integrated perspective by examining meaning, structure, and relations


There are others, if this kind of work interests you, email me for other ongoing work.