Working papers

I have several ongoing projects under review that I would welcome your feedback on the preprints (contact me here).


  1. Feldman, G. What is normal? Contrasting the impact of past behavior, expectations and social norms normality categories over regret in the action-effect
  2. Feldman, G. The regret-action effect: Action-inaction attribution bias in interpreting expressions of regret.
  3. *Feldman, G., *Yay, TAction-inaction asymmetries in moral scenarios: Replication of the omission bias examining morality and blame with extensions linking to causality, intent, and regret 
  4. *Gao, Y., *Yao, D., Feldman, G.Owning leads to valuing? Meta-analysis of the Mere Ownership Effect
  5. Feldman, G., Kutscher, L., Yay, T. What is action, what is inaction? A review of action-inaction biases and recommendations for term use and typology.
  6. Supervised thesis by Lucas Kutscher, in preparation for submission: The impact of past behavior normality on regret: A meta-analysis
  7. Supervised thesis by Yay Tijen, in preparation for submission: Omission bias: A meta-analysis
  8. Supervised thesis by Yajing Gao, in preparation for submission: Mere ownership effect: a pre-registered replication and extension + a meta-analysis
  9. Feldman, G. Personal values and moral foundations: Towards an integrated perspective by examining meaning, structure, and relations

(*: equal contribution; underlined: supervised students)


There are others, if this kind of work interests you, email me for other ongoing work.